This is not a site for “Dummies”.   You are not dumb.  After all, you bought a Mac, right?  That was smart!   You just don’t know how to do some stuff yet.

Some books and sites get too complex.   This is a site for anyone who benefits from learning step by step.    I try to avoid giving too much detail, or showing you everything there is to learn, or all the ways of completing a certain task.   So if you find a better way, great, you are learning to experiment and getting more out of your computer. 

We (mostly me) are building a series of how to steps that are easy to follow so even a beginner can get started and do some fun things.  Or maybe not fun, but stuff you want to do anyway.

This site is a work in progress. Topics and steps will continue to be added.   If there is something you would like to see on this site, please email me.

To get started click on one of the boxes below for complete listings and links. (New to Computers? Move your pointer over one of the boxes and press down to click.  You will go to a new page listing the various pages available.   Move your pointer over one of the lines until the arrow turns a hand, then press to click.)

 iPhoto /09

 Steps for importing pictures from Mail, Folders, Card Readers, Thumb Drives, CDs, or a Memory Card Reader, and more. 
 Want to email, or edit pictures, add text, or learn how to use the new Faces feature?  Click here to get started. ../iphoto9/intro.html

Looking for an easier way to learn to do things on your Mac?  You’ve come to the right place. 

 Misc     Learn how to:
  Repair Permissions
  Make a Screen Shot
  Using a Thumb Drive
  Change the name of a Drive or Folder
  Download & Install an Application
  Make Business Cards with Design Pro
  and more../misc/intro.html
 iMovie /09   Basic steps including:

   Importing your movies
   Using iPhoto videos
   Selecting clips for your Movie project
   Adding pictures and creating movement
   Take the shake out of movie clips

  Set up a new POP email account.
  Spice up emails with Fonts and Colours 
  Using Stationary
  Email Etiquette
  Make an email Group
  Emailing Pictures using iPhoto. 
   Importing Pictures from Mail to iPhoto
 iPhoto /08
  Emailing Pictures
 Make a Slideshow and put it on a DVD
About Us about.html