Making a Slideshow

Click here for steps to Selecting Photos to your Albumphotos.html
Click here for steps to Create an Album.album.html

1 - Select an album you have already or create a new album.

iPhoto makes it pretty simple to create a slideshow out of your favourite shots, whether it be a birthday party, family reunion, road trip, or even a wedding.   Making it enjoyable to watch can take a little more effort.   Some of you may remember sitting through boring slideshows or home movies. Of course, yours were never boring. 

2 - After selecting the photos,  take some time to review them.  Look at each shot and see if some editing would help. Click here for more hints.hints.html

3 - Next, click on the “Slideshow icon” to make a slideshow.

The first step is to gather pictures in to an album.   Select your pictures carefully, OK, maybe not so carefully to start, you can review them later.

Note:   In iPhoto ’08, if you can’t see the Slideshow icon, click

4 - You should now see your album listed under Slideshows.

5 - If you find the size of the pictures too small to work with, click on the “dot” and drag it down to increase the size.  When you click on the dot,  you should see a line with an arrow pointing down. 

8 - Click on “Settings”.   The settings in this box affect all the slides.  By default, the slides are set to play for 3 seconds.  You can adjust this  speed by clicking on the arrows. (8a)

The default transition for all slides is “Dissolve”.  You can change the default here. (8b)

I like to slow the transition speed to the lowest setting. (8c)

Notice the other settings as well.  I tend to turn off the “Automatic Ken Burns Effect” and select the effect for individual pictures.   That way you don’t end up showing a nice picture of feet, or cut off someone’s head.

Click here for steps to Edit your Slideshow.ken.html

6 - Click “Play”  to start the slideshow.  (Press the space bar to pause.  Press the mouse or the escape key to quit.)   I suggest you click play, and see what you like about the slideshow so far and what you may want to change.   Stop the show at any time to make changes.

10 - You can easily move  a picture by clicking on it and dragging it to a different spot in the slideshow as well.   Be careful that you don’t “let go” of the picture when you are moving it.  If you are not over the slideshow at that moment, you might have an extra copy of it on your desktop.

Click here for more on the “Ken Burns Effect”ken.html

Next:  Making a DVD

Once you are satisfied with your slideshow, you are ready to make a DVD.    OK, be realistic,.  There is always more you can do, add more pictures, make more adjustments.  At some point, stop editing and go on with the next step of the project.   You can always toss the DVD and redo it. 

11 - Click on “Share” to view the drop-down menu.

12 -  Click on “Send to iDVD”.  This will take some time, depending on how many slides are in the slideshow.  Good time to grab a coffee.  Then click here for the steps to make a DVD.

9 - To add another picture to the slide show, select the picture, click and hold, and drag it to the slideshow.

Click here to learn how to
Make a DVDdvd.html

Note - To learn about the other settings, click on the diagram below.   For instance, clicking on “Settings” will take you to the webpage on Settings.

7 - Click Preview to check how one slide moves.

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Welcome! If you came to this site to learn all about how to make a slideshow and put it on a DVD,  well,  my guess is you are at the wrong site, because I don’t know all about it.   I do however, have some (hopefully) easy-to-follow steps for the basics.  So let’s get started.